The Importance of Office Signs

Office signs are what speaks for your company. Have you ever thought of having an office atmosphere without the proper signs? Not only would there be confusion it could literally lead to chaos and people being injured. In certain jurisdictions it is the law to have the proper office signs displayed for the safety of both the visitors and employees.

Office signs can be fabricated in a variety of materials and sizes. Again, it is important to check the local codes and laws to be sure that all criteria are being met.

Building Identification Signs

Letting your potential customers know that they are at the right place is something that will not only boost profits but save a lot of stress. If you have ever had to search for a building with no identification, then you know just how frustrating it can be. “Over the years, we have customers thank us for having our business identification posted clearly.” States Jeff, a NYC store manager. When potential customers have to search for the building where the office is located and cannot find it, they will give up and go on their way and choose another retailer to purchase the products from.

Custom Lobby Signs

Once inside of the building the customers and visitors need to know where your office is located. Again, instead of making people search for the right office it is advisable to use a custom lobby sign. Lobby signs are one of the first things a customer or visitor will see pertaining to the office and business. Creating a custom office lobby sign helps people to find the office faster and with less trouble. A few examples of lobby signs are.

  • Individual Plastic Dimensional Letters
  • Brushed Aluminum Letters
  • Brushed Solid Brass Letters
  • Acrylic Plaque with Dimensional Letters
  • Brushed Aluminum with Digital Graphics
  • Black Dimensional Letters Mounted to Lobby Wall

All of the above-mentioned letters are then attached to the wall in the lobby making it quick and easy for the office to be identified and located.

Office Name Plates

In places of business it is critical that all of the departments and other areas of the office are labeled correctly. Although the office name plates may be smaller and simpler than the lobby signage these signs still serve a very important purpose and should never be taken for granted or forgotten. For a more professional look the office name plates can be made of the same materials used in fabricating the custom lobby sign.

Custom Outdoor Signs