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Sandbar der neue Film mit Rick Rossovich dieser wurde 2010 gedreht und wird im Jahr 2012 auf einigen Festivals vorgestellt.

The Story:
Haunted ex-Marine Ronnie McCubbing (Rick Rossovich) spends the day with his estranged 22-year-old son (Michael T. Dwyer) in an attempt to salvage their splintered relationship. Together they are launched on a wild road to nowhere that will push the ties that bind them to the limit. Along for the ride is the father's young and uninhibited girlfriend Roxanne (Katie Keene) , who threatens to unravel all his plans. In a series of wild misadventures they cross paths with a drug dealer, a dead man, and a vicious gang bent on violence. But will they go too far to ever come back?

Location: Columbus, Ohio
Budget: $50,000
Release Date: 2012 (USA)
Sandbar is An independent feature Film

The Cast:
Rick Rossovich ... Ronnie McCubbing
Michael T. Dwyer ... Jonah McCubbing
Katie Keene ... Roxanne
Kevin Crowley ... Frank Cordialey
Kathleen McAndrews ... Sherry McCubbing
De'voreaux White ... Charles Kendall
Logan Solana ... Frosty
Eilizabeth Hansen ... Vicky Cordial
Benjamin Franklin Crawford Wallace ... Gang Leader

The Crew:
Nicholas Bushman ... Writer and Director
Michael T. Dwyer ... Producer
Benjamin Franklin Crawford Wallace ... Executive Producer
Geoff Leonetti ... Director of Photography
Seth Hammond ... First Asssistant Director - Script Supervisor
Brian Faust ... Unid Production Manager - 2 nd AD
Megan McKee ... Editor
Justin Cousino ... Sound
Danny Butler ... Boom Operator

Production Company: Cahulawassee Pictures

The Website

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Good Day Columbus - Behind the scenes of the film "Sandbar"

Clip 1

Sandbar Clip 1 from Cahula Films on Vimeo.

clip 2

Sandbar Clip 2 from Cahula Films on Vimeo.

Sandbar Teaser Trailer from Cahula Films on Vimeo.

The Columbus Dispatch dispatch.com

Sandbar how it all began 2009. actingincolumbusoctober2009.blogspot.com/

All Pictures and the Story are from www.sandbarmovie.com/
Thank You Michael Dwyer (producer)

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